Tomato Face

On Friday, a can of tomatoes literally exploded all over me and my tomato-covered shirt, tomato-covered counter, tomato-covered floor, tomato-covered face. It was pretty much typical of how I'd been feeling this past week...trying to accomplish so much that I just end up making a mess.

Now, I'm not vying for sympathy here...I know I'm doing alright overall, but boy was this tomato incident a very tangible (tomato) slap in the face...a wake up call, if you take a step back, re-evaluate, slow down, and get a new can opener.

So, here we go. It's a new week, and for me, that means a renewed focus on the things that matter (i.e. my emotional/physical health, my growing little business, and my day job). The goal for this week is to just slow down and focus on one (or two...let's be real here) tasks at a time, to make sure I get things accomplished.

It ain't no thang, am I right? Mind over matter, and the occasional deep breath, and I've got this focus thing in the bag.

Also, this new website...OH WAIT MY FIRST BLOG POST...isn't a bad start to a productive week. So, who's with me? What are your goals for this lovely new week?