Flawless? Sort of.

Comparison makes me feel clumsy. 

It starts out innocently enough...it begins as curiosity, admiration even, for someone's beautiful work, their constant or quick progress, their business success, their killer ab muscles (eh, that one not so much), or their seemingly perfect life.

It just takes one perfectly cropped and filtered instagram photo to spark interest. Then that interest becomes 15 minutes later and you're believing that you've known them forever and that their dog is so adorable and that...HOLD ON...they're BETTER THAN ME!?!?!? 

OMG this just got real. You're in a state of panic now...trying frantically to find something awesome or adorable or not messy in your apartment to instagram so that maybe they'll see it and realize that you, too, have your life together.

That was a gross exaggeration, but that honest admiration can really easily and quickly escalate to a feeling of confusion and frustration and doubt and clumsiness. But there's no need for that. It's likely that these very talented women I compare myself to have lots in common with me --we are all creative and driven and talented and quirky. But instead of savoring our similarities, I focus on our differences, and specifically, my weaknesses.

I was fortunate to have dinner with my friend, M, and his friend, J, the other night. J specializes in 'Lean manufacturing,' which focuses on efficiency in the workplace, largely accomplished by putting people in the right positions --positions where their strengths are utilized the best. Something struck me in the conversation, when J said something like, 'We nurture your strengths...your weaknesses don't matter.'

At first I was confused and kind of annoyed, because I'm the type to want to improve. I don't want to have or admit to having weaknesses...who does?!  (Let's be real, you know you don't have the best Wop on the dance floor).

But then I got it.

Our weaknesses allow our strengths to shine, and perhaps more importantly, they allow others to flourish.

In our weakness, we give each other purpose. 

So, while comparison can easily lead to feelings of awkwardness and insignificance, or scary thoughts like, "I'm not doing enough", comparison also gives us an opportunity to savor our differences and be grateful for our weaknesses.



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Happy Tuesday everyone!