Thanksgiving 'Fan' Drive

So, Thanksgiving is only a week away. Can you believe it?! I can't. Really, I'm baffled by it. This year has certainly been unique...lots of life changes, lots of growth, and of course, LOTS to be thankful for.

Right now, I'm feeling really thankful for my family and my faith community. I'm feeling really thankful for my coworkers who have really really been so amazing and supportive to me (through EVERYTHING). I'm feeling really thankful for my growing (little by little) business. 

And, I'm thankful for YOU. 

I talked to my grandma tonight (Wednesday) is her 80th birthday (happy birthday!), and she told me she's been reading all of my blog posts. I was surprised, and delighted. I'm glad that my thoughts can bring a little joy to others, especially my family, who deserve so much happiness...(I mean that). 

So I love you, my readers, and I'm really thankful for you.



That being said, I'd like to ask you all a favor: help me get more 'fans'. I had this idea...kind of a play on a canned food drive (get it? 'Fan' instead of 'can'?!) was supposed to be through the whole month of November, but that's life...

So, what I'd like to do is see how many Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram fans/followers you can help me get in the next week. Right now, I have 132 Facebook fans, 35 Twitter followers (yikesies that's pretty bad), and 96 Insta peeps. I think we can get a few more, don't you agree?

I hope I'm not asking too much...perhaps just share my Facebook page or share this blog post...maybe a nice little tweet or tag on Instagram...really, any participation would be terrific. Let's see what happens!

In return, I plan to do something sweet in return... I just haven't thought of it yet. :) Anyway, thanks for being wonderfully you.


P.S. Maybe some of you don't know my social media info, so here it is:

instagram: tjforth

twitter: frameworthyd