I like you walkin' next to me.

It's 3am. I have an 'upper respiratory infection' which I think is just doctor-speak for that type of sickness where you just feel super gross, and there's not a lot they can do about it. I'm fortunate--I don't have fever or chills or aches (knock on wood)--but I have so much fluid in my ears that it feels like an ocean, complete with pirate ships and sirens and giant squids, is sloshing around in my brain.

But I'm fortunate, and I know that. This shall pass and I'll just look back on it as 'that one time I was sick on New Years.'

And maybe this little bout of sickness is sort of a good thing---I mean, I am writing on my blog-- but it is very literally making me slow down. A lot. Namely in that I can't get a jump-start on my fitness resolutions, And I can't (well I could, but I won't) do hood-rat things with my friends on New Year's Eve. And both of those things sort of drive me crazy. But it's not that bad...nothing really to complain about at all. It just is what it is.

There's generally not a lot to complain about in life, I think. People go through a lot of difficult things. People call off engagements and lose loved ones and lose their homes and break their feet and get chicken pox and get cancer...or get an onslaught of mucus just in time for NYE. But there's really not that much to complain about. I mean, it's okay to complain, necessary even, to acknowledge our feelings...acknowledge the struggle... 

But, I'm confident we'll all be okay. Life isn't easy or pretty sometimes or even any fun at all sometimes. It can be downright scary and miserable. But it's really good that we're here, and we're walking next to each other.

Struggling together. Binding, clinging, committing, striving together. Just being together...through thick and thin, through disappointment, and confusion, and miscommunication, and sadness. We're on the same team, and man, I'm SO grateful for this struggle of life.

2013 was honestly a doozy of a year for me. SO MUCH CHANGE. Seriously...SO. MUCH. CHANGE. And at times, it was real struggle. But I'm here, and I'm feeling pretty darn awesome about the new year and what it holds for me, and what I am going to offer it in return.

Here's to you and your loved ones...sincerely wishing you a very blessed 2014. Let's walk together, shall we?