The Good Stuff

I wish I could have seen my eyes.

I felt them get bigger. I felt them brighten. I even felt them get a little misty.

I'm not sure why I wasn't expecting the ocean. I KNEW it was there. I KNEW it was just beyond the sand dune we were climbing. I KNEW it, but I didn't KNOW. How could I know that I would be suddenly struck to the core by the majesty and power of the waves crashing onto the beach? How could I know that I would suddenly feel so small, so insignificant next to this vast and seemingly endless expanse of heaving ocean? How could I know that I would suddenly feel so so so blessed?

I didn't know, and I'm glad I didn't know, because if I had known, I don't think my heart would have skipped a beat. I don't think my breath would have vanished. I don't think my eyes would have lit up like that. 


Man, I wish I could have seen my eyes.

I didn't. But He did.

He's a wild one, that's for sure. Wild and free and brave, but mostly he's good. I really believe he's good. Simple and true and good. I'm not trying to be too mushy here, but I think that goodness is something to ponder and reflect on and savor. Because, sure, life is about making memories, but more than that, I think life is about chasing The Good Stuff.

We forget about it sometimes. We take it for granted lots of times. But mostly, we settle for so much less. 

My trip to Oregon last week revealed that to me in a big way. I can't put my finger in exactly why, but I can say that I felt it... The Good Stuff, I mean. I felt it in a handmade 'Sweet T' sign, on a rain-soaked hike, in a piping hot pizookie heaped with ice cream, in family dinners--with family not even my own, in honest conversation, in a Sunday morning sermon, and yes, I felt it in the salt-filled air of the Sea. It was there, and it was real, and now I crave it.

I think I was under the impression that The Good Stuff was in some far away place or that you somehow have to fix yourself or ready yourself to receive it or find it or have it. And perhaps, in some ways you do have to want it, and you do have to work to keep it. But you don't have to change in order to have it. You don't have to be perfect to have it, and you certainly don't have to hold yourself back from it. It's yours for the taking. It's yours, and it's mine. 

So let's go get it.