Nobility in the Struggle - a 25w25 update


There is nobility in the struggle, you don't have to win.   -Sharon Polluck


After a pretty fantastic weekend in Little Rock, my work week last week got off to a less-than-fantastic start. My poor car is currently out of commission after I got into a little neighborhood wreck. Thankfully, I only have a set of sore shoulders, and more opportunities for long walks (too bad there aren't any beaches in Norman) for a little while.

It could have been much worse, but it's still a bummer. It's an inconvenience, and financially, it means that I'm going to have to supplement my No-Spend November with Must Save May, Just-Say-No-To-Shopping June & July, Almost Broke August, Stingy September, and On The Rims October (apparently 'on the rims' is a thing...?).

It really feels like a step backwards.

But Life happens. Our luck ebbs and flows and eventually the tides turn from bad to good, and back to bad. We have setbacks and obstacles. We have distractions to deal with. And then, we have successes. I'm learning over and over that we really don't control much in the big picture. What we can do, I think, is do the next right thing. We can seek opportunities to better ourselves and others. We can be gracious, generous, and empathetic. We can be forgiving and kind to ourselves. We can be positive.

Or...we can give up. We can let Life knock us down. We can wallow in our smallness. We can become cynical or snobby or selfish or apathetic. We can fall and just not get back up.

I'll take the former. And in the spirit of getting back up, I thought I'd give a quick 25 While 25 update. It's not much, but it is progress.

  1. Make the switch to natural beauty products

  2. Go to Paper Camp
    I got a scholarship! It’s not a full one, but man oh man am I really getting excited! I’m booking my flights this month!

  3. Write to Reyna once a month.

  4. Fix my bike and ride it more often
    Little Blue is all fixed up! I took her for a little spin yesterday but now it's raining. I'm grateful to have her back, especially without a car for a while.

  5. Learn a new art skill

  6. Be able to do a forearm stand
    Y’all...dolphin pose is SO HARD...but I’m working on this, thanks to Yoga at Tiffany’s

  7. Try a new recipe each month
    April: Pesto & mozzarella stuffed chicken

  8. Read a book a month
    Fail…book suggestions, please!!!

  9. Finish the Endow study
    Still going strong...loving these beautiful funny ladies. Good tea and conversation is the best.

  10. Be a morning person
    6am still doesn’t feel awesome, but I am really enjoying my morning painting, and the occasional 6am yoga class.

  11. Learn to drive a stick shift
    Poor Penny, I kill her every time I try to accelerate.

  12. Complete The Spiritual Exercises

  13. Sing at an open mic night
    This one’s in the works...I’m now taking song suggestions...

  14. Be a vegetarian for two weeks

  15. Take a creative vacation

  16. Start and finish two personal art pieces

  17. Finish the Molly Jaques calligraphy workshop on Skillshare

  18. Fix my iPhone screen

  19. Make a five-year business plan
    Making progress...working with a small business consultant, setting up wholesale price points, calculating monthly projections for the year, and, as always, dreaming up new products

  20. Put at least $2525 into savings
    April contribution - check!

  21. A sketch a day -- EDIT: I’ve changed my mind on this. Instead, I’m going to participate in The Sketchbook Project, and I’m pretty excited about it!

  22. Start one of those line-a-day for five year journal things
    Fail...might have to revise this one.

  23. Take a beer making class

  24. Go grape stomping

  25. Live with less (less stuff, less clutter) & love what I have
    I have made significant progress on this...cleaned out my closets and took a huge pile of stuff to Goodwill. I plan to make another clean sweep when summer really gets here.

So, 25 isn't too shabby, I'd say. Although I've certainly failed on a couple of my goals already, and well, I'm learning more than I ever wanted to know about car accidents and insurance and alI that, I feel like it's good. Life is good, and learning is good. It's not always fun and it's not always convenient, but it's Life, and I like it.