A 25 While 25 Update

It's August...really August. This means two things: 1. Fall is just around the corner, and 2. I've been 25 for four months already!

Fall is my favorite season by far. It means sweater weather, football games, Fall Abs Challenge, gorgeous trees and glowing sunsets, Mark being home for good (yeah, that happened this week!), Paper Camp, and the beginning of holiday craft show season.

Fall though, in Oklahoma at least, is fleeting. It's fickle...the temperature jumps from hot to cool to cold from day to day to day. Summer really likes to hang on. It's as if he can tell that he has to leave, that things are about to change for a while, that he's about to get replaced. It must be kind of a bittersweet time for the summer sun.

I don't blame him. Change is difficult. And I will say that even when you're working a 9-5 job, summer somehow retains that carefree quality that it had as a kid. It's difficult to let that go. It's difficult, but it's so good. We are on the cusp of a season of productivity, growth, and challenge. I can just feel it. And I'm so excited. 

Lord knows I need a little push to check some things off my 25 While 25 list. These past four months have flown by, and, while I feel like I have accomplished a lot (custom projects, launched wholesale, gone on fun adventures) in life, I'm not really cruising down this list like I thought I would. But, here's a quick update anyway: 

  1. Make the switch to natural beauty products...nope.

  2. Go to Paper Camp
    Flights and rooms are booked!

  3. Write to Reyna once a month
    April...check! May...check! June/July....eeeehhhhh....

  4. Fix my bike and ride it more often
    Boo's bike needs a new tube, but then we are in business for some delightful bike rides!

  5. Learn a new art skill
    I'm deciding if I can fit an oil painting class in this fall... 

  6. Be able to do a forearm stand
    So.......about that......

  7. Try a new recipe each month
    April: Pesto & mozzarella stuffed chicken
    May: Burgers with caramelized onions and homemade ketchup
    June: Potstickers
    July: Siracha chicken with quinoa

  8. Read a book a month
    Still a fail.

  9. Finish the Endow study
    Our fearless Endow leader, Erin, just got married!!! We start again next week! I can't wait!

  10. Be a morning person
    I've decided that mornings are maybe the best time of the day, and that makes getting up a little easier. A little.

  11. Learn to drive a stick shift
    Lessons will commence shortly.

  12. Complete The Spiritual Exercises
    I think maybe I'll do this during Lent.

  13. Sing at an open mic night
    This one’s in the works...I’m now taking song suggestions.

  14. Be a vegetarian for two weeks

  15. Take a creative vacation

  16. Start and finish two personal art pieces
    So I'm prepping for my first art show (like a gallery) in October. I'm gonna count that as one of my personal pieces, even though I may not get to keep any of them. 

  17. Finish the Molly Jaques calligraphy workshop on Skillshare
    This is happening in November. 

  18. Fix my iPhone screen

  19. Make a five-year business plan
    Getting there.

  20. Put at least $2525 into savings
    April contribution - check!
    May contribution - uh, wreck $$$ was a setback
    June, July - check! 

  21. A sketch a day -- EDIT: I’ve changed my mind on this. Instead, I’m going to participate in The Sketchbook Project, and I’m pretty excited about it!

  22. Start one of those line-a-day for five year journal things
    Fail...might have to revise this one.

  23. Take a beer making class

  24. Go grape stomping

  25. Live with less (less stuff, less clutter) & love what I have
    Fall = fall cleaning spree

Siracha chicken with quinoa

Siracha chicken with quinoa

Wholesale mailers

Wholesale mailers

Kicking off summer with an Arkansas hike.

Kicking off summer with an Arkansas hike.

The beginnings of a Flourish Collection piece.

The beginnings of a Flourish Collection piece.

So there you have it. My progress, though small, is still progress, and I'm good with that. Happy happy Friday everyone! I hope it's a really great, wonderful, productive day to start of a really super weekend. I know I have some fun plans tomorrow for Boo's birthday that I can't wait to tell you about!