I'm basically Phoebe.

Last night was super fun. I'm waaay behind on my 25 While 25 list, but last night I marked one goal off my list: #- sing at an open mic night.

I roped my friend, TJ into playing guitar and singing with me. And while we didn't sing Smelly Cat or The Holiday Song, I basically felt pretty much like Phoebe. For our first time around, on only two days of practice, and learning one song from scratch, I say we did pretty darn well.

It was especially fun, because of all the support we had. I was really flattered, and honestly a little overwhelmed at the crowd of people that came out to see us. I've lived in Norman for a while now, but sometimes it still feels like it's just me here...with all my former roomies in Texas and all...but man, I sure felt loved last night. A very sincere thank you to everyone who stopped by to hang out and support me. 

For those of you who couldn't make it...I had Boo record it! Soooo...here it is!  Enjoy!

'Dust to Dust' by The Civil Wars, performed by TJ Shinn and Tara Forth

 'A Living Prayer' by Alison Krauss, performed by TJ Shinn and Tara Forth

Have a happy Friday, everyone!