The Little Things

I missed my bus by about 40 seconds this morning after I went back home to get my phone. It reminded me of this moment from the other night: 

"I'll be there...mumble mumble...don't you know baby! Yeah YEAH I'll be theeeerrrree....."

An older woman - headphones in, foot tapping - sings 'quietly' to to me as I wait for the bus stop.

The Mariah Carey rendition of I'll Be There happens to be one of my all time favorites. So naturally, I sing along. I turn my head so she doesn't see...I don't want to embarrass her...Im not sure she knows she's not actually singing quietly.

But I hope she can see me mouthing the words. I hope she knows she totally took me back to 7th grade. I hope she knows that she totally made my day.

Honestly, I wish she'd start from the top so we could actually sing it together.

Instead, she gets on the bus. The 28 to Co-op City.

It's not my bus. That would be too convenient. New York isn't a convenient place, usually. Getting around can guessed

Bahaha. I kid. But really though, it can get exhausting.

Then there's a moment like that, and it's all worth it.

It's the little things, y'all.

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Oh yeah, and here's the jam. Go ahead, sing along. You know you want to. ..