Thing to try: Gratitude

I'm focusing more on generosity these days, and as each day passes, I find that generosity and gratitude go hand in hand. They feed off of each other and enhance each other. When we take time to recognize what we do have, we are able to see ways to give back. It's hard to be generous if you're working from a place of scarcity.

So, in order to be more generous, I want to be more grateful, too!

As an entrepreneur, I sometimes get caught up in lies like (and tell me if you can relate...), I'm not doing enough, or I should be further along, or Oh my goodness...look at ______, she is killin' it! I forget to look at what I have accomplished and the good things going for me.

I forget that I've got A LOT to be grateful for, and A LOT to be proud of. As a reminder to myself, and to give you a glimpse into a little bit of what I do outside of Frameworthy Designs, here's a little gratitude collage.

Highlights include:

Community. S'mores. Breakfast food. Workshops. Craft Shows. Meeting Bob Schieffer and Jim Lehrer. Star Costume. More Breakfast food.

Not pictured, but just as great:  Yoga classes. Watching The Price is Right with my eclectic 'family'. Hanging out with a super cute baby. Cooking meals (that aren't breakfast). Counting inventory. Reading. Trying not to like The Walking Dead.

What are you grateful for?

Making this collage was super fun, and I encourage you to create one too! Remember, gratitude and generosity complement each other, so let's embrace them both. And in case you missed it, check out my last post to learn how Frameworthy Designs is giving back.


The Overwhelm

I think what happens is that when I commune with God,
I sometimes revert back to my five year old self.

Okay, picture this: God and I are just doing some grocery shopping at Target. Normal, right? So we're just hanging out. I'm telling Him about my day, my dreams, my hopes, my desires...normal Target talk...and He's giving me advice and paying me compliments and telling me to get my s*** together (I'm not 5-yr-old Tara yet), and so on. And then He does the sweetest thing...He gives me a gift! He buys me a throw pillow (one of those Threshold Collection pillows with the amazing ikat know the one). And I LOVE IT. I'm so excited, so happy, so ecstatic that I grab the pillow and run away with it.

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